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                                                             (  DHRUVA-STUTI )


We shall now give the hymn spoken out by the five-year old Dhruva right in the presence of Lord Vishnu who not only appeared before him in recognition of his severe penance but also sparked him on to speak by touching his right cheek with His divine Conch, the Conch which  overflows with Vedic wisdom. This is an extraordinary  piece of 12 verses occurring in the 4th skanda of Bhagavatam. Though  the Bhagavatam contains many such hymns in praise of the Lord,  this one has a unique place , because it was given out by the blessed little boy  who first dared not speak a word but was immediately prompted from within by the Absolute Itself. In this sense this hymn is the pinnacle of praise. It may be supposed to be the authentic voice of the Lord Himself on Himself. Naturally it contains the cream of all vedic and vedantic teaching.  Usually  exponents  of Bhagavatam do not find the time to go into this fully.  They concentrate only on the first verse. We shall go through all of them  verse by verse. Each verse is given in original, followed by a translation and a commentary.

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