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Spiritual Books

Essentials of Hinduism (1989) (‘Sincere students, who faithfully go through this man-making creative text-book, leaning on these Krishnamurthy-notes, repeatedly some five times, can gain all the theoretical knowledge on how-to-live’.Foreword by Swami Chinmayananda)


Hinduism for the next Generation(1992) (‘The purpose of the book is to make parents of non-resident Indians  familiarise themselves fully and impart to their children the salient features of Hindu religious worship’ Hindustan Times)


The Ten Commandments of Hinduism (with a Foreword by Swami Paramarthananda) (1994)   (‘Going through the book is a spiritual experience in itself’ – Times of India; ‘ The author has developed the knack of presenting challenging ideas with lucidity and humour’ – The Hindu. ‘The book is outstanding as an interpretation of Hindu religion by one who has the requisite faith backed by deep understanding of what Hinduism really is.’ Indian Review of Books.)


 Science and Spirituality – A Vedanta Perception (2002) ; Your 9-point manifesto in the last chapter  is worthy of adoption by UNESCO itself, not to mention Curriculum committees of all school boards. Sundar Hattangadi,  Moderator of the advaitin Yahoo-Group.


Kannan sorppaDi vaazhva-deppaDi (2002) (In Tamil) with an appendix on Dhruva-Stuti - An Upanishad Capsule. (‘Taking the fourth shloka in Dhruva stuti, the author’s discussion on kartRtvam and bhoktRtvam that arise because of mAyA, is beautiful. Through the shlokas 5,6 and 7, the bringing in of the parallel shlokas from Shivanandalahari and from Narayaneeyam is again a splendid one. The Vedanta discussion through the shlokas of 8,9,10 is commendable.’ – Shrimukham by Jagadguru Shri Shankaracharya Swamigal of Kanchi)


 Live Happily the Gita Way (2008): (‘The need to contemporize a text like the Gita is imperative. Prof VK’s book meets this need with conviction. …The complex aspects of advaita darshana are brought out with insight, precision and lucidity, and what is rare, a little bit of humour’ The Vedanta Kesari.


Gems from the Ocean of Spiritual Hindu Thought; Gems from the Ocean of Devotional Hindu Thought: (2010).  (From the foreword by Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swamigal of Kanchi: ‘…..The presence of the divine can so intimately be felt all through the passages of this wonderful book of collection and a reader can feel that God is talking to the reader through the Vedic Rishis personally. … The collection, the order and the presentation are fine and genuine. ….’ From the foreword by Swami Paramarthananda: ‘…. (The author) has done a commendable job in presenting a reasonably comprehensive representation of the traditional teachings of Hinduism. The language and format are sufficiently modern for a lay reader to understand …’.


Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom :   (For a Review by 'TATTVALOKA' of June 2018, Go to THOUGHTS OF SPIRITUAL WISDOM'​)

Blurb on the back cover: Open any page of this book of 365 Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom, and you will drift into a cornucopia of various voices from towering scholars of spirituality speaking from personal experience.

Shri V. Subrahmanian, Moderator of Advaitin Yahoogroup writes: 

Here is a new book, a compilation of messages on spiritual sadhana, coming from a variety of Mahatmas, books, etc.  Prof.VK ji has arranged them in a manner that is very convenient for one to read and assimilate the teachings.  The messages are crisp, printed just one on a page.  I am sure this will be a fine companion book for a spiritual seeker.


The book is very nicely printed, with a good get up and has a very useful index too at the end. Spanning 380 pages, the book is published by Notion Press, Chennai.


Apart from keeping a copy for one's study and practice, the book is a fine piece of gift for all occasions.  I think the book can be procured by contacting the publishers at:  Old No.38, New No.6, McNichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600 031. Phone 9840474398


(published March 2019)

Providing a wire-frame for the juxtaposition of the hoary sacred texts of Hinduism, the book offers a first acquaintance with them in a simplistic and authentic way -- all peppered with bite-sized excerpts ranging from the holy Vedas to the Puranic tales along with meaningful insights that whet the appetite

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