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  1. THREE axiom-like fundamental truths as important for Vedanta as Newton’s laws of motion for science:

II – 16; IV – 24; XVIII – 20

Reality vs. Unreality

Everything is Brahman;

Equanimity for everything and every one, always and everywhere.


2. FOUR Maxims which are indispensable for an authentic understanding of the Gita:

II – 14: Transience of every experience

II – 21: Actionlessness of the supreme

III -17 & IV – 14 for a beginning and many others: Actionlessness of the Self  

And 24 shlokas on Samatvam


3. FIVE Teachings of Krishna for all of us


U1: Sense-control or Yoga-sAdhanA

U2: Yajna attitude for all work

U3: Undivided Faith in a non-dual Absolute

U4: Total Surrender to the Divine

U5:  Brhma-bhAva

4. THIRTY-TWO shlokas on the attributes of a brahma-jnAni (One who has the realisation to be in Brahman), an exemplary devotee, and a GuNAtIta (one who has transcended the three guNas) that have made the B.G. a must-read scripture even for non-Hindus.

II-55 to 72; XII-13 to 20  and XIV-22 to 27


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