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(Kanchi Maha-Swamigal’s Discourses)


          ADVAITA SADHANA   by   kanchi mahaperiava of the 20th century.





Acknowledgement of Source Material:

Ra. Ganapthy’s ‘Deivathin Kural’ (Vol.6)  in Tamil published by Vanathi Publishers, 4th edn. 1998


URL of Tamil Original:







English rendering : V. Krishnamurthy












1.  Essence of the philosophical schools

2. Advaita is different from all these.

3. Appears to be easy – but really, difficult

4. Moksha is by  Grace of God

5. Takes time but effort has to be started

8. ShraddhA (Faith) Necessary

9. Eligibility for Aatma-SAdhanA

10. Apex of Saadhanaa is only for the sannyAsi !

11. Why then tell others,what is suitable only for Sannyaasis?

12. Two different paths for two different aspirants

13. Reason for telling every one

14. The matter of Bhakti Yoga

15. Knowledge of advaita basic requirement for every one

16. Nitya-anitya-vastu-vivekam:

(Discrimination between the permanent and the ephemeral)

17. Vairaagya (Dispassion)

18. The Sextad of treasurable qualities

19. Shama and Dama

20. Uparati (Cessation)

21. Titikshhaa  (Patience, Endurance)

22. Shraddhaa (Faith / Dedication)

23. Samaadhaana

24. Who is qualified to receive the teaching of the Upanishads?

25. Rigour in ‘SamaadhaanaM’

26: The sextad of the paramAtmA and the sextad of the JIvAtmA

27.  Mumukshhu-tvaM (Longing for moksha)

28. Why is the ultimate stage termed as ‘Release’ and nothing more?

29. Mumukshhu: Definition by the Acharya

30. Mumukshu – Base level & intermediate level

31.  Guru’s Grace

32.  Ancient Scriptures and the Acharya on mumukshhu

33.  The four components of the armour of spirituality

34.  Prior to the three components of the third stage

35.  Bhakti and its place in the path of jnAna

36. What is Bhakti?

37.  What is Love?

38: Inner Organ and Heart

39. Ego and Love

40. What is the object of Love of an Atma-sAdhaka?

41.  Nirguna Bhakti and Saguna Bhakti

42.  Cooling life-giving Love

43.  To remove the conceit of the ego

44.  Two stages of ego in sAdhanA

45.  Bhakti and the Heart

46. The NaaDis of the heart: JnAni’s life rests, Other’s lives leave

47. Correct meaning of Death in Uttaraayana

48.  Two different results of Karma-yoga

49.  The NaaDi that goes to the head: Mistaken Notion

50. Bhakti of the path of JnAna  superior to Bhakti of the path of Bhakti

50. Atman full of life, Not just an Abstraction

51. Bhakti of the path of JnAna, enunciated by the Veda itself

52.Even in Sutra BhAshya

54. JnAna itself is Bhakti: Krishna

55. Third Stage

56.  SannyAsa

57.  Chain of linked names in Vishnu-sahasranAmam

58: SHravANAm ET AL – Vedic Commandment

59.  ShravaNam and SushruushhA (Respectful Service)

60.  Is an enlightened guru available?

61. Involvement in one single goal

62. ShravNa, Manana, NidhidhyAsana – Characteristics

63.  Penultimate stage to siddhi

64. Manana that transcends  intellect; Nidhidhyaasana that transcends mental feeling

65.  To be rid of two wrong conceptions

66.  Greatness of Manana & NidhidhyAsana

67.  Worm becoming the wasp; Making the worm a wasp

68: What is to be done immediately?

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