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It is now time to close this overnight capsule of Dharma doled out by Sanatsujata. He goes into elaborate narrations on what celibacy is, what the prerequisite is to learning under a guru the highest wisdom, of what Brahman is, what Brahman is as the jnAnayogis see it and of what his own visualization is of that experience. He finally winds up with the ultimate code of behavior, leading to this experience of his. Whoever sees, in all beings, his own Self, has to grieve no more, says he. For such a one, the entire scriptural literatureis nothing but a pot of water in front of an ocean. He is the brahmin, who knows.  He would not need to go to any greater heaven  than the bliss he enjoys in this knowledge. He delights, he is satisfied, and he is content. He feels one with all souls; he is neither in them nor they in him --- thus reminding us of the Lord’s statement in the seventh chapter of the Gita that is yet to come in the chronology of events in the Mahabharata.



The sum and substance of the entire teaching of Sanatsujatiyam is this. The sense of unity with other existences is the first approximation to right knowledge. Its early crude form is a widening love and compassion. But this oneness is however a pluralistic unity.  The way to reach beyond this stage is Sadhana, constant practice and one-pointed pursuit. These sAdhanAs purify the mind. Purification of the mind coupled with participation in activities which bring one closer to the sAtvic ones makes one a seer – vijAnat, one who sees in a distinguished way, not the one who sees things as everybody sees them.  You have been seeing the world as something foreign to the seer. What others see is darkness for you and what you see is dark and closed for hem.


yA nishA sarvabhUtAnAM tasyaam jAgarti samyamI /

yasyAM jAgrati bhUtAni sA nishA pashyato muneH  // (B.G.II – 69)


Real knowledge begins with the perception of one-ness in your bones:  One matter, One life, One mind, One soul playing in many forms.


Om shAntiH shAntiH shAntiH

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