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तुम्हरे भजन राम को पावै। जनम जनम के दुख बिस्रावै॥

अंत काल  रघुबर पुर जाइ जहा जन्म हरिभक्त कहाइ॥

tumhare bhajan rAm ko pAvai . janma janma ke dukh bisrAvai ..

ant kAl  raghubar pur jAi jahA janma haribhakt kahAi..


Singing your name gets us Rama himself and removes the sufferings of many lives. He who sings of you, at the end of the life he attains to Lord Rama's abode where he will be born as a Devotee of Lord Rama"

Note the famous line from Sage Shuka's teaching of Bhagavatam to King Parikshit: (Bhagavatam II-1-6).

एतावान् साङ्ख्ययोगाभ्यां स्वधर्मपरिनिष्ठया।
जन्मलाभः परः पुंसां अन्ते नारायण-स्मृतिः॥

etAvAn sA~NkhyayogAbhyAM svadharmaparinishhThayA

janmalAbhaH paraH pumsAM ante nArAyaNa-smRRitiH ..

meaning, To be put in mind of Sri Narayana at the last moment of  one's life that alone is the supreme reward of human birth, howsoever this may be earned through Self-Knowledge or Devotion or even through steadfastness to one's sacred duty.


அஞ்சிலே ஒன்று பெற்றான் அஞ்சிலே ஒன்றைத்தாவி

அஞ்சிலே ஒன்று ஆறு ஆக ஆருயிர் காக்க ஏகி

அஞ்சிலே ஒன்று பெற்ற அணங்கைக்கண்டு அயலார்ஊரில்

அஞ்சிலே ஒன்றைவைத்தான் அவன் எம்மை அளித்துக்காப்பான்


anjilE onRu peRRAn anjilE onRaittAvi

anjilE onRu Aru Aga Aruyir kAkka Egi

anjile onRu peRRa aNangaikkaNDu ayalAr Uril

anjilE onRai vaittAn avan emmai aLittuk-kAppAn



One of the five elements fathered him , He flew through one of the five, Crossed one of the five, Found the damsel born to one of the five, and Placed one of the five in the foreign land. (The ‘five’ talked about here stands for the five fundamental elements: Air, Space, Water, Earth and Fire. Hanuman was the son of Vayu, the Air-God. He flew in the sky through space and crossed the Ocean of Water. In Lanka he found the place where the Earth-born Sita was in captivity and he finally set to flames the whole of Lanka.)  May He grace and protect us.


The unique speciality of Hanuman or Anjaneya Swami is obvious from the things He can shower on us, as is recorded in the shloka:

बुद्धिर्बलं यशो धैर्यं निर्भयत्वं अरोगता।

अजाड्यं वाक्पटुत्वं च हनूमत् स्मरणाद्भवेत्॥


Buddhirbalam yasho dhairyaM nirbhayatvaM arogatA /

ajADyaM vAkpaTutvaM ca hanUmat smaraNAdbhavet //

The shloka tells us that those who remember and think of Anjaneya are blessed with Intelligence, Strength, Fame, Courage, Fearlessness, Good Health, Alertness and Talent for Speech.  All these attributes do not usually coexist in the same person.  But Hanuman can shower all these on the same person. Reason: The powers that we do not usually see in one place  are all present in Him. For example a strong man may not be modest.  A very intelligent man may not have selfless bhakti. But Hanuman had physical strength as well as strength of intelligence  and also had the modesty and Bhakti in abundant measure. Might usually leads people to go the wrong way. A mighty person may not have the clarity of wisdom and his devotion may be  just blind, crude and dogmatic. Anjaneya Swami on the other hand had Supreme Devotion to Lord Sri Rama  and at the same time enjoyed the Supreme Enlightenment  arising from jnAna. He is such a great philosopher-scholar that even Rama Himself once praised him as the knower of all the Nine Grammars.  Supreme in jnAna, supreme in physical prowess, supreme in bhakti, supreme in valour, supeme in fame, supreme in service, supreme in modesty and humility  -- if there is one person in whom all these are supreme it is Hanuman alone.  On top of all this, we should not forget his Brahmacharya – chastity. He is the purest of the pure without an iota of lust even in thought.

Wherever the name of Rama is recited, wherever there is the singing of the glories of the gem of the Raghu dynasty, invariably Anjaneya is present there in his characteristic standing posture of humility, with folded hands and eyes brimming with tears of joy – so says a well-known shloka.  In these days, though we need a lot of Grace from the Lord, what we need most is the culture of modesty and humility.  Lord Hanuman will grace us with that humility. His devotees would never have occasion to complain.

॥ ओं शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥


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