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This is a spiritual capsule. These 63 prayers, constitute the summum bonum of my thinking  on this selection over the past 30 or 40 years. Except for No.6 which is personality oriented in terms of my father and hence important for me, the other 62 prayer-shlokas in Sanskrit-Tamil-Hindi, has significant importance for everybody, particularly for those of the modern generations, who are so crowded with aspirations-cum-distractions of this living world, that they have either no time or  interest for any religious and much less for any spiritual activity or occupation.  The original purpose of such a selection  was to give myself in the evening of life only a small set of prayers for constant chewing and meditation, at the same time reminding me of the various deities in the temples that are my favourites and certain Vedantic nuggets which I cannot afford to forget. It now appears that these can form a capsule for being transferred to successive generations. Maybe each user can make his or her own collection from out of this and add further prayers of his favourites.  Please go to Text of Prayers:

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The chanting of these 63 prayers may be had from the following video-recordings on Youtube: 

51 to 63:

41 to 50:

31 to 40:

21 to 30:

11 to 20:

1 to 10:


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