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Dr. V. Krishnamurthy, (b.1927),  ex-Director of K.K. Birla Academy, New Delhi,  was formerly Dy. Director and Prof. of Mathematics at BITS, Pilani for  more than two decades,. His mathematical career for half a century includes several books on Mathematics at all levels, the latest one being a partnership with three other authors on the book: Challenge and Thrill of Precollege mathematics, sponsored by the National Board of Higher Mathematics.

While at Pilani he was one of the  top-ranking academic administrators who were responsible for the multifarious academic reforms for which BITS is now well known. His wide and varied interests in teaching and research include assignments at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill., U.S.A. and University of Delaware, Newark, DE., U.S.A.  His mathematical research contributions are in the areas of Functional Analysis, Topology, Combinatorics and Mathematics Education.  In these areas five students worked under his direction and received their Ph.D. He has been President of the Indian Mathematical Society,  President of the Mathematics Section of the Indian Science Congress Association, Executive Chairman of Association of Mathematics Teachers of India, and National Lecturer and National Fellow of the University Grants Commission. He has been Leader of the Indian team for the International Mathematical Olympiad, held at Bombay in 1996.  His books in Mathematics  include: Combinatorics: Theory and Applications; Introduction to Linear Algebra (jointly with two others); The Culture, Excitement and Relevance of Mathematics;  Challenge & Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics (jointly with three others)and, The Clock of the Night Sky. A Tamil book on What is Mathematics – Through two puzzles.


He was also trained from boyhood in traditional fashion by his father Sri R.Visvanatha Sastrigal, a scholarly exponent  and a living example of the ideal Hindu way of life. Prof. Krishnamurthy has given several lectures, known for their precision, clarity and an irresistible appeal to the modern mind, on Hindu scriptures, to Indian and American audiences. A large number of writings of his on Religion and Philosophy   are on his website .His books  include: Essentials of Hinduism (1989);  Hinduism for the next Generation (1992);   The Ten Commandments of Hinduism (1994);  Kannan sorpadi vaazhvdeppadi  (in Tamil) (2002);   Science and Spirituality – A Vedanta Perception (2002);  Gems from the Ocean of Spiritual Hindu Thought (2010); Gems from the Ocean of Spiritual Hindu Thought (2010); Live Happily the Gita Way(2005); Culture, Excitement and Relevance of Mathematics(1990). Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom (2018) Meet the Ancient Scriptures of Hinduism  (2019)


Recent distinctions include: Distinguished Service Award (1995) by the Mathematics Association of India, Seva Ratna award (1996) by the Centenarian Trust, Chennai, Vocational Service Award  for Exemplary Contributions to Education (2001) by the Rotary Clubs of Guindy and Chennai Samudra, Prof.TT Award for Excellence (2002)  and membership (since 2003)  of the Board of Moderators of the prestigious Yahoo Group ‘Advaitin’. 'Grateful2Gurus' Award by Indic Academy in 2019.

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