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    33.4  SHRUTI GITA SELECTIONS: BHAGATAM - X-87-Verses 24 & 26  

Verse No.X-87-24:  



ka iha nu veda batAvara janma-layo'grasaram
yata udagAd-Rshir-yam-anu devagaNA ubhaye /
tarhi na san-nacAsad-ubhayam na ca kAla-javah
kimapi na tatra SAstram-avakRshya SayIta yadA // 



Alas! What individual of posterior birth and death can possibly

know You, who are anterior to all and from whom came forth Brahma, after whom appeared the two classes of Gods. When, you repose after having withdrawn everything,  there exist at that time neither the gross phenomena nor the subtle nor the product of both nor the flux of time nor anything else nor the scriptural texts. 

na sanna cAsat  : (na sat na ca asat )  Here sat stands for the concrete  (gross) space - elemental fundamental. asat stands for the subtle mahat principle from which the space element evolved. 
For help from parallel readings go to

Dhruva-stuti, verse no. 8

and Sruti-gItA, verse no.23

Recall the passage from the Rgveda, quoted later in the yajurveda also

ko addhA v eda ka iha pravocat /kuta AjAtA kuta iyam visRshTih /
arvAgdevA asya visarjanena / athA ko veda  yata A babhUva //

Who knows that absolute really direcxtly?  Who will be able to expound it? 
Where would these creations have come from (but fro m Him)?
Deities lower than that Absolute would not know about  Creation.
Therefore, wherever this Creator Brahma originated that probably knows.
Maybe not.


Verse No.X-87-26  



sadiva manas-trivRt-tvayi vibhAty-asad-AmanujAt
sad-abihmRSanty-aSesham-idam-AtmatayA''tma-vidah /
na hi vikRtim tyajanti kanakasya tadAtmatayA 
sva-kRtam-anupravishTam-idam-AtmatayA-vasitam //



All this universe consisting of the three guNas which is a projection of the mind, including the jIva, though unreal, appears as real being superimposed on you. The knowers of the Self recognize this entire universe to be real because of its being a projection of their very Self. Just as those in quest of gold do not reject its modification (in the form of ornaments) so is this universe  concluded to be their very self inasmuch as it is evolved and interpenetrated by the Atman. 

Nobody rejects the goldness of the ornament because it is an ornament and not just gold. 

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